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Things Not To Do With A Bandsaw

Bandsaws are infamously handy tools to have in the woodworking shop or the factory. Some people even have one in their sheds if they really feel the need to show off. There is a certain section of the male society that feel such an affinity with this tool that they will use it at every opportunity, appropriate or not.
But this is not to be recommended. National statistics show an unhealthy list of bandsaw accidents that have occurred through mis-use and the following are a general guideline of notes to try and avoid accidents.

Do NOT attempt to use your bandsaw to dissect snacks. You may be in the middle of some intricate sawing on your latest woodwork project and it may look like fun but cutting a Swiss roll with this implement is highly irresponsible and dangerous. Eighteen people every year (unofficial figures) are injured every year by band saw accidents that have occurred whilst cutting up food. This is because the food feeds through so easily that the operator slips and finger amputations have occurred.

One highly bored male has been shortlisted for the 'Award Of Ridiculous Things To Do' by using a bandsaw to trim his toenails. Thought to have begun as a bit of a dare by his mates, he managed the first trimming quite successfully and gained some sort of satisfaction that he could take his life (or at least his toes) in his own hands and continued with the process on a monthly basis. It is thought that the ensuing bloodbath occurred after the male got clever and tried to trim the nails with only a two week space in between and the nails weren't long enough.

It is always advisable to keep all body parts away from the workings of a bandsaw. According to health and safety guidelines, hair, paper and fabric are just a few of the things on a long list that shouldn't cut with a bandsaw and we all know how these rules come about. It's because some idiot has obviously tried it before and met with some messy end.

Anything that doesn't resemble wood or metal should not be cut with this tool. It is not a toy. This is why tools now come supplied with a 460 page manual of things not to do. This is so that the manufacturer doesn't get sued by someone saying "No one told me I couldn't cut my hair with it so when I couldn't find my scissors I thought it would be a good idea". Bandsaw manufacturers are sick of paying out compensation for this type of fool and have therefore issued an online guide of do's and don'ts for owners to follow.

Much safer are those men that wear nylon slacks and cagoules who enjoy nothing better than congregating at each other's garages on a Sunday afternoon to inspect each other's tools and discuss the merits of the band saw as opposed to the hack saw. The most active business their tools are likely to see are the Sunday morning polishing of its parts before the weekly neighbourhood viewing.

A bandsaw is most definitely a tool with numerous merits that has made life easier for so many people. Those people are in the wood working and metal working industry. If you are an avid DIY fan and you have the space for a small saw then by all means purchase it. But please, please ensure you follow all the safety instructions, use it for the purpose for which it is intended and never be tempted into dangerous stunts by your drunken mates.


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